Posted by: dianaiannarone | July 26, 2016

Empty Promises | Empty Lives

empty lives

This excerpt from Me & My Shadow seems to be a somewhat predictive reflection of today’s situations and indicates the world may indeed be Waking Up:

Look at your life and the relationships in it. Do you see continuous mistreatment of yourself by others? If you back up and look across your life and see a pattern of pain and excuses, then you have been allowing abuse in your life. It is also likely you have not accepted the whole of you, your capacities for both good and evil. You are asleep. The more asleep you are the greater the level of abuse you are willing to tolerate.

So many acts of violence, including murder, are instituted on us by people that claim to love us or people that we think we know. Wake Up! If you think you see signs that demonstrate incongruence or conflict between actions and words, don’t disregard that inner knowing, presume they are real. Honor that still small voice that knows. Often these abusive relationships are wrought with constant incongruencies. We hear the words “I want help,” while the speaker seeks none but that which we ourselves give. We hear the words “I love you,” while being beaten down physically, emotionally or mentally. We hear the words “I promise” yet there is nothing ever delivered. Those empty promises that we chose to cling to helped to create our empty lives. Can you see this in the world at large as well? Over and over these patterns repeat, yet another red flag waving proud in front of our blind eyes. At all levels of life, look for this incongruence.

The object here is not to become paranoid and believe that everyone is going to harm us. When you are awake, embracing all parts of you, you are more able and willing to see all parts of others; you become much more aware as you observe people.

Since we are so often followers of established rules, and we are so unlikely to recognize evil, we have a hard time grasping that those in authority may be bad. Those in authority can be anyone, whether it is a parent, boss, sibling, lawyer, police officer, politician, or even a spouse. Anyone who we perceive has power over us, or is more aware of what is best for us, we consider an authority. Our belief that we must honor authority, must respect authority, is often a byproduct of conditioning. We don’t evaluate whether or not these individuals we view as authority are worthy of our honor and respect. We blindly honor them as we feel it is our duty. Worse, we perceive that we have to earn the right to be honored by them in return. We long for their compassion and respect, or we simply trust they have our best interests at heart. We often trust them based on position alone. We work harder and do more to achieve the compassion or respect we desire. We get in line to do what is expected of us. Instead, we need to realize that from the moment we were born we deserved to be honored. We need to realize that our loving nature is sacred, and should be held to a high esteem for those that are worthy of the honor of our love, not those that wish to harm. We also need to realize that even those in authority have a shadow side. It is our responsibility to observe and determine if they are operating from the light or the dark. Lastly, we need to realize that we are powerful. We hold a sword*. We can use our sword to preserve our honor. We need not hide our power. We must embrace our power.

We must accept that it is not mean to protect ourselves. It is, instead, mean to ourselves not to.

*Sword-figurative for the power within us to use boundaries and take proper action to protect ourselves and others.

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