Posted by: dianaiannarone | July 30, 2016

Triumph of Healing

Blessing rather than pain

Excerpt Me & My Shadow:

In your triumph of healing, you can share the wholeness obtained because of your story. It is in your peaceful wholeness that you can help others heal. 

We have a tendency to be our own “minimizers.” We may think that someone’s story is worse than our own. Or we may think that someone doesn’t have the right to feel pain because we have lived through “worse.” However, it is important to realize that it is all subjective. If it is real to us, then it is real. If we are still holding on to the past, it acts as a rubber-band pulling us endlessly backward. Even if we are attempting to move forward, that pull makes our forward movement exhausting. We need to cut that rubber-band holding us to our past, so we can catapult into the present and create a joyful future.

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