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What if you gave yourself permission to completely and unequivocally be yourself?

Decide to reveal and eliminate the limiting core belief that obstructs your ultimate fulfillment in your career, relationship, or life.

Wake Up to how you’re operating from past hurts, Stand Up for your non-negotiable qualities and Live Free into your next reality.

Life is not meant to be a struggle, and healing from harsh forces is a beautiful, gentle awakening to the one limiting core belief
the red thorn
that can be gently released 
(not extracted).

— Coaching Is The Help You Need —

Redthorn Solutions’ coaching helps people reinvent their lives by understanding the deeper aspects of childhood fragmenting and the universal law of living from wholeness.

Together we will find and gently release the thorn that is holding you back.

Imagine finally being completely and unconditionally yourself with every person and situation, including the person in the mirror.

Your achievements will be custom tailored to your situation, desires, and personal version of success.

Cut Your Root of Captivity

Diana Iannarone wants to help you do just that — starting today! Not next month. Not next week. Not tomorrow. Today! 

Contact us to get A FREE one hour, no strings attached, Redthorn Solutions Life Reinvention Coaching Consultation.

We utilize multiple methods of communication allowing us to partner with clients around the globe. We have worked with individuals in Australia, England, Canada, The Netherlands, Italy, France, Israel, Iceland, India, Scotland, Japan, Romania and of course the United States.

For more information visit: https://redthornsolutions.com

What or who is holding YOU emotionally hostage?

For a free initial phone or Skype consultation contact Diana@redthornsolutions.com


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A FEW TESTIMONIALS -see web page for additional testimonials

“My life is now complete and I am able to live free, love fully, and experience life to the fullest.”

I want to thank you for everything. You are truly a God send and have been such a blessing in my life. Where do I start…getting over my sociopath ex-husband, finding self-esteem in myself and not only from my success at work, but also no longer viewing food as an object/emotional eating, not trying to change/control others, but observe and see if they are the right fit, not to allow any more abuse, repairing childhood experiences, and much more. Most people see me as well put together, successful, outgoing, and beautiful. My life was full of things that were holding me back from living it to the fullest. My life is now complete and I am able to live free, love fully, and experience life to the fullest. Diana is Ah-maz-ing! My counseling latest 2 months and one of the best things I could have ever done for myself. If you can’t afford Diana, purchase her book on Amazon. I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone.

Lisa Goe | USA

“And what was waiting on the other side of the labyrinth? It was me.”

From our first consultation it was clear this was going to be different. Diana is a guide, someone who stands by your side and walks you through the labyrinth, supporting you completely as you make discoveries and resolve issues, until even the labyrinth itself falls away, seen for the mere illusion that it is. I felt a peace rise up in me after our first sessions together.

Although I had already mined the depths of my childhood countless times, I never felt I could get to the heart of the problem and resolve the issues that were holding me back. I didn’t want to just heal from past traumas or just survive. I wanted to thrive and love fully again, and live the authentic life still waiting for me.

We have worked together extensively and with her help I began to feel a clarity and centeredness rarely felt before. As our sessions continued, I was no longer at the mercy of my ego, no longer ruled over by anxieties, old fears or trepidation. With the help of Diana, I began building my life. And what was waiting on the other side of the labyrinth? It was me. And I saw how capable I truly was of fulfilling my own dreams, without depending on others to ‘hold my lifeline’ as Diana would say. I was able to regain trust in myself and my decisions. I could play again and feel relaxed in nature (those with past trauma can understand what a triumph this is!) I could be a present and loving mother to my son, no longer dogged by anxieties that no longer served me or him.

Together we worked on a plan and I’m achieving things that I couldn’t have imagined even just a short while ago. I’m saying ‘yes’ to opportunities I would have run from before and it’s paying off. My confidence is growing and I have to say it feels so good to finally be able to provide my own happiness and fulfillment, and above all, to live free! Thank you so much Diana!

Leah Carruthers | ITALY

“I have tried other forms of therapy in the past. Nothing helped me until that first session with Diana. Having someone who could relate and understand me was such a relief.”

I don’t even know where to start for this review. First I highly recommend talking with Diana. I was blown away in the first 20 minutes of our first session. I have tried other forms of therapy in the past. Nothing helped me until that first session with Diana. Having someone who could relate and understand me was such a relief. I use her book now when I need that little reminder that I matter. Diana made me see myself as a person. Someone who didn’t have to always be strong. When I was given her contact info, I had just lost my marriage and my father within 3 days of each other. The anger and rage was unbearable. I wanted out of my skin in the worst way. I have never experienced loss like this and the pain was so horrible that I actually went numb inside from it. Being numb like that is the same as death. Diana changed my attitude from our first conversation. She has a “tough love” way about her that I love. She knew each phase of healing that I was experiencing and guided me through it. Some days I didn’t believe her that I was close to healing from the divorce and passing of my father. She helped me heal a part of my childhood that haunted me every day. I no longer think about that part of my life.

Kristin Mann | USA


  1. I would like to add my testimonial as well. I only had a single phone call with Diana, bought two copies of her book and was greatly aided by both. I was already awake when I called, but my hands were really tied because I did not have the luxury of just dismissing a relative (not a romantic relationship). Diana helped me to clarify my role and capabilities which would have taken me too long to realize. Had I not had that phone call with her and bought the two copies when I did, my relative would ultimately have done unmentionables without my mental preparations. Because I was prepared and ready I was able to handle it with some dignity (though I will be realistic there were lots of tears!) and now the entire family is awake and standing and dealing with it. While my situation isn’t over yet, I’m no longer dealing with it alone and soon enough things should come to a calm after a storm. The book is amazing and I am keeping it handy, still flipping through it each day to see words that I thought to myself for many years. It’s just SO reassuring to know you are NOT ALONE! Thank you Diana. I praise your strength and thank you for sharing your wisdom. Because of you I feel confident about speaking up when something isn’t right. Whoever is reading this and feeling alone, you are not alone. You are stronger than you realize. 🙂

    • Victoria, thank you so much for this testimonial. I love that you were able to not only stand up for yourself, but lead others in your family to do the same. We truly are ultimately responsible for the quality of our life and you deserve the praise for looking within and finding your strength. I am so glad my book also provided value and thank you for spreading the word. I enjoyed “meeting” you and wish you very well on your path to true freedom!

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