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Waking Up Can Be Hard to Do

My favorite quote:

It Ain’t What You Don’t Know That Gets You Into Trouble. It’s What You Know for Sure That Just Ain’t So!! Mark Twain.

I always teach: Stay open. Always open. New information can change everything.

I know many agree! I believe more is going to be revealed, and soon…about the world and our country (USA). And it will be hard to hear for everyone, especially for those that only heard main stream media.

The good news is, it will be a new beginning that will give us ALL the best days yet.

And I could be wrong. 🙂 I remain open.

I am here if you need a free consultation as more is revealed. I can work with you no matter where you are in the world.

Wake Up. Stand Up. Live Free.

Posted by: dianaiannarone | December 29, 2020

Wake Up. Stand Up. Live Free.

I am a fan of Jason Stephenson and often listen to his meditations. This one, that I fell upon this morning, felt very timely to me, so I thought I would post it.
Although this is a sleep meditation I encourage you to listen to at least the first 30 minutes where I feel you may enjoy the visuals he walks you through and his thought provoking manner of delivering an important message.
Some of you know I wrote a book Me & My Shadow…Move from Fear and Control to Love and Freedom. When I wrote that book I thought the Great Awakening was well underway and perhaps it was. That said, I believe we are standing on the precipice here and NOW. What if the circumstances of today are indeed designed to push a spiritual awakening for the world transforming us to a higher awareness and clarity of the real truth vs what is HIDDEN IN THE SHADOWS. What if we are all being called to rise and stand in TRUTH, no matter how hard that might be?
Posted by: dianaiannarone | December 16, 2020

Cruelty got you Down?

Thanks to Isaac Bass of Have You Considered Podcasts for providing amazing questions to help this interview be impactful. I hope you find some value in it! The focus is on our wounds, how we get them, how they influence our relationships, and how to heal them.

Posted by: dianaiannarone | October 7, 2020

Ready for a Change?

I don’t generally do a lot of promoting about my book. Given all that is happening in the world today, I thought I would share this post I happened upon, after receiving Ryan’s permission to do so. The quality of our life is up to US, no matter what is going on in the external world! Here is the link to my book. It also sells in other international channels through Amazon. I offer a one hour free consultation (Phone/Skype) anywhere in the world. Is it time to change the quality of your life as Ryan has?

Posted by: dianaiannarone | October 6, 2020

Looking to Experience Joy?

No time like the present to find the wonder and beauty that is still all around you!! If you need a little assistance finding joy, reach out for a free one hour consult.

Posted by: dianaiannarone | September 22, 2020

Need Relationship Help?

Thought you might enjoy this content as I am interviewed by Isaac Bass @haveyouconsideredpodcast! The content is about the nature of healthy vs unhealthy relationships and the work that I do to help people live life more on their terms. It is a bit lengthy, so sit back and take it in and see if it might help you in your present life! I disclose very specific steps to help you move to a more joyful, whole and free life.

As my book Me & My Shadow guides people to do:

Move from Fear and Control, to Love and Freedom.

Here is an example of the feedback.

Posted by: dianaiannarone | September 19, 2020

The Power of Community and Nature



In my book I touch on this! We are so much more powerful than we realize!
What a great reminder today! We must remember the power of CONNECTION, NATURE & COMMUNITY! This true story shows that we have healing powers, and our inner joy matters. Isolation can truly kill us…stay connected (safely). He managed 36 more years of life to die at 102ish…because he chose to re-engage in what he knew mattered. The story below is brief…and a testimony to my beliefs! It isn’t the wine! It is the joy!
Don’t forget to connect with the amazing natural world around you and those you love!
Posted by: dianaiannarone | August 7, 2020

Time to Raise Your Awareness?

What a great time in our lives to really take the time to notice and appreciate the little things. It just may give you a new perspective on the bigger things!

Posted by: dianaiannarone | July 18, 2020

Peace is an Inside Job

If you feel like life is an uphill climb reach out for a free 1 hour consultation and remember your own power for peace.💞 (Phone or Skype)

Posted by: dianaiannarone | May 14, 2020

Sociopath Got You Down?

I always delight in getting reviews on my book, a reminder that our stories do indeed make a difference! I am still out there doing the work, and these moment remind me how much it still matters. Maybe it is time to tell your story? If you need a little help igniting your courage, email me at Courage is an inside job! There is no shame in where you have been. It made you who you are! Here is the link to my book

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