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Don’t Wait

It’s easy isn’t it? To get so busy supposedly living life that you miss out on what really matters. If you need help putting your priorities in order and getting back to your joyful life filled with connection and love, click the contact information for a free 45 minute consultation.

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Take the Time for You

Take time for nature. It can change your experience of life in an instant.

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If You Don’t, No One Will

Our personal destruction comes from lack of self-esteem, which is far more devastating that lack of self-confidence.

Self-esteem is a about who we believe we are, our being.  It determines are worth in Love.

Self-confidence is about what we do. It is about our capability, our worth in work.

The most dangerous combination is High Self-Confidence, and Low-Esteem, because we will sell our soul for love, and our ability to DO, will be leveraged by those that wish to use us.

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Time to Make a Change?

I occasionally like to share reviews of my 1:1 coaching to remind you what kinds of things I can help with and to show you can be anywhere in the world and get the help you need.

Diana has helped me more than anyone else had, and probably will.

I was severely over-weight; my parents were going through a divorce and I was in an abusive relationship.

Diana was the only person I could talk to and with her help I ended my relationship, dealt with my parents’ divorce and lost half my weight, 154 pounds. Yes, that is what I actually lost.

My work with Diana helped me believe in myself again. I am now in a healthy relationship and completing computer science school, accomplishments I thought were impossible. I am now only 23.

She never judged, but always gave her honest opinion and that was exactly what I needed!

I can’t stress this enough, I’ve been to countless therapists and coaches, she’s the best one.

Roei-from Israel 2017

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Love These Moments

A new book review just hit, for my book Me & My Shadow, Move from Fear and Control to Love and Freedom. On Amazon.


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Ready to Reprogram Your Beliefs?

This young person has done a superb job. Her words will likely resonate as the voice many of you have in your head. This voice started very early on. Many, carry these same voice throughout their life. If you would like to shift those voices to ones that serve you and help you celebrate the individual you are inbox or better yet email for a free 1 hour consultation via phone or Skype.


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Need a Guide to Freedom from Sociopaths and Such?

Below you will find a book review that hit Amazon this week. I hope it encourages you to check out my book.

It has always been my goal to guide people to live freely on their terms. I chose to write my story to provide to others information acquired through my wrong turns in intimate relationships. My hope is that maybe through my sharing, someone can take less wrong turns, or escape from the wrong ones they made. My book was written as a guide to help individuals Move from Fear and Control to Love and Freedom. You can find my book on Amazon, or just go to the link below or under the book tab on this blog.

Me & My Shadow

I also have You Tube videos under my  name, designed to help people understand why they find themselves in difficult relationships and how to break free.

You can have the loving life you deserve.

Brilliant! 5 stars!

on April 27, 2017
Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase
Buy it, read it, underline it, highlight it, write in the margins, tab it!
This book can not only help those that have been in abusive relationships but anyone that is seeking, peace and fulfillment in all areas of their life. Diana describes how her life was award winning on the outside and crumbling on the inside, behind closed doors and how she moved through this trauma to love and wholeness.
The only person that I want to learn from is the one that has been in darkness and has come through to the light – that is Diana Iannarone! In the book and in her coaching sessions, she has a no nonsense, tough love approach, juxtaposed with a warm a heart and a vault of information about the human condition, helping you to move from fear to freedom.
This work changed my life so much, that at 61, I got my Life Coaching license and Diana has been instrumental in helping me build my business. She has a long history in the corporate world, then moved to the private coaching arena and has funneled years of invaluable knowledge into this awesome book.
It illuminated for me that my belief systems, born in childhood, were still running my life today. As a child I was unable to express any feelings, even at 10 when my mother died and I got the message that my feelings didn’t matter to anyone. My favorite quote in the book is:
“The feeling I have that this is wrong must in fact be what is wrong. My feelings are wrong, not the act of what is happening to me or being told to me.”
It was worth the purchase just for that quote!
This is a great way to spend $16.00 and enjoy your “Breakthrough” as you will have one if you read Me & My Shadow!
Freedom Rocks!
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What Will Make You Happy?

What if it is all as simple as asking what will make me happy?


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Release your Fixation!


Are you fixated on a solution that is blinding you to new ideas?

I was recently introduced to the game “WordBrain.” I don’t typical play any computer games, but at the recommendation of my daughter I gave it a go. I actually find the game interesting and a bit challenging at times. Perhaps most interesting is my discovery that in some ways it is a blatant testimony about life.

The object of the game is to slide your finger across the board to various connecting letters that complete a word. If you get the correct word, all those letters drop into place in the word box beneath the board, sliding the remaining letters into a new place. The new position might allow for new words to potentially come into view. And to further complicate the process, there can be duplicate letters which permit you to get the right word, but choose the wrong letters…making all the next words impossible to create. You have to start again. Recreate the word in some other contiguous form of the letters.

How could this possibly be a reflection of life? Simple. The inability to release the idea of the path we thought was right, in favor of actually finding the one that is right. How long will the real pathway be obscured by what we thought was the answer? How long will we retry our word, with the conviction there must be something wrong! We were certain we were right, why isn’t it working?

This is especially true when you proudly find a multifaceted word, especially one with 7, 8 or 9 letters that you had to zigzag all over the board to make happen! As you are swiping your finger you feel this sort of jubilant excitement, only to dumbfoundedly be stopped in your tracks as the letters do not budge. No word dropped into place. You are wrong.

Yet, we are still affixed to the word we were sure was the source we needed! Sometimes we catch ourselves trying it again and again, as if the board is suddenly going to acquiesce to our persistence. Yet, time and time again, it won’t. It never will.

It is instead necessary for us to garner a new perspective, release our fixation to the word it might have been, and find the other word, the correct word, that is at least as obviously still in front of us.

There are many pathways to our goals, and we must redirect ourselves from the ones that have not brought us where we want to go, and have faith and a willingness to be open to still find the path to arrival. Don’t be fixated on what you thought would bring you there, and instead be open to what might be right in front of you that you have not yet chosen to see. Like in the game, it is not that complicated. We just need to be open, devoted, and trusting that there is simply a place we haven’t examined yet.

Sometimes we have to make a few moves before we can see what is truly available to us, and we may have to release the truth we were believing in previously to arrive at our goal.


Wake Up to how you’re operating from past hurts, Stand Up for your non-negotiable qualities and Live Free into your next reality.

Life is not meant to be a struggle, and healing from harsh forces is a beautiful, gentle awakening to the one limiting core belief—the red thorn—that can be gently released (not extracted).

Cut Your Root of Captivity.

Email for a free initial consultation. Or order our Guide to Freedom

“Me & My Shadow” by Diana Iannarone on Amazon.

We do not give legal advice, nor do we use legal principles to apply to your circumstances. We are neither lawyers nor medical professionals.



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