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In the Shadows

In order to wake up, the first thing we have to be willing to do is recognize and acknowledge that we are asleep. In our asleep state, we are choosing to be unaware of the entirety of ourselves and our circumstance. Not being aware of our own thoughts and feelings allows us to deny truths that are right in front of our eyes. We often believe the authority in our lives, the controller of our circumstance, is outside of ourselves. What if this is false? We must consider that allowing anything outside of ourselves to designate our path may not lead us to where we claim we want to go. Once we choose to begin to awaken to our reality, we are still in a groggy state, and it can take time to decipher what is real and what is a dream, what is good and what is bad. Full wakefulness takes courage and empowerment to then Stand Up in our truth to all that is in the shadows, and finally Live Free. Excerpt Me & My Shadow.


Posted by: dianaiannarone | February 26, 2018

Wake Up to the Truth

Sometimes it’s difficult to look at the reality of our circumstances. But once we do we can begin to set ourselves free to the joyful life we deserve.

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Power in the Pause

Often we are so focused on what isn’t working in our life, we lose site of the bigger portions of life that can give us some perspective. Pause, Breath, and Remember.

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Beauty in the Gray Skies

Sometimes we can feel so surrounded by the gray skies, we don’t back up to see there is beauty there too.


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Don’t Miss a Moment

Connect. It is why we are here. Release FEAR. You can go deep and be safe.

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Sometimes the best way to discover what isn’t working in your life is to be the observer. Then, and most importantly, believe what you observe. #lifecoaching #selfesteem #yourturn #dontwait #livefree

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Don’t Wait

It’s easy isn’t it? To get so busy supposedly living life that you miss out on what really matters. If you need help putting your priorities in order and getting back to your joyful life filled with connection and love, click the contact information for a free 45 minute consultation.

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Take the Time for You

Take time for nature. It can change your experience of life in an instant.

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If You Don’t, No One Will

Our personal destruction comes from lack of self-esteem, which is far more devastating that lack of self-confidence.

Self-esteem is a about who we believe we are, our being.  It determines are worth in Love.

Self-confidence is about what we do. It is about our capability, our worth in work.

The most dangerous combination is High Self-Confidence, and Low-Esteem, because we will sell our soul for love, and our ability to DO, will be leveraged by those that wish to use us.

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Time to Make a Change?

I occasionally like to share reviews of my 1:1 coaching to remind you what kinds of things I can help with and to show you can be anywhere in the world and get the help you need.

Diana has helped me more than anyone else had, and probably will.

I was severely over-weight; my parents were going through a divorce and I was in an abusive relationship.

Diana was the only person I could talk to and with her help I ended my relationship, dealt with my parents’ divorce and lost half my weight, 154 pounds. Yes, that is what I actually lost.

My work with Diana helped me believe in myself again. I am now in a healthy relationship and completing computer science school, accomplishments I thought were impossible. I am now only 23.

She never judged, but always gave her honest opinion and that was exactly what I needed!

I can’t stress this enough, I’ve been to countless therapists and coaches, she’s the best one.

Roei-from Israel 2017

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