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Maybe Now is the Time to Become Ambidextrous?

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Just reminding you!  Trust the process.

If you need support, email for a Free One Hour Consultation.

No Fear.

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Don’t let fear be your ruler. Trust.

Don’t be manipulated.
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Focused Properly?

Selective Attention.I have used this for years to discuss attention and focus.

The answer is given at the end of the video…try to not post anything that will ruin it for others!

Are you sure you are catching it all?

You know the reality?

Your focus leads to the right answers?

Or are we too distracted?

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No Fear

Remember what you already know, people that want to manipulate you use FEAR. What should be being touted right now is how to be wise, stay calm, lift your immune system and trust…but main stream media uses the terrorizing approach. Don’t lose site of everything is not precisely what they say.

This video message is all beautiful. The middle minutes REALLY moved me. It is such a reminder of all the good that is happening in the world…the thing that the general media rarely takes the time to share.

We don’t need FEAR now (wisdom and caution yes), even though that is what is so often promoted. WHAT can lift your immune system better than anything?? Release of fear!

Stick to this kind of news! There are so many people doing so much good, giving of themselves. On a broad level. The world is good.

In the words of Mister Rogers…”When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people helping.’ ”

Keep the faith, the whole world is in transition. In the end, it will be good.

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Time of Renewal

What I meant to say a the beginning, I said at the very end, so I hope you will remain engaged for the approximately 6 minutes. In essence, I want you to know, this is a time of renewal; a new birth. Stay connected to YOU, and those you love.

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New Beginning

I loved this message that was posted on Instagram, and I believe that it is true.

Please consider, that so many people right now are cleaning their closets, their cabinets, their garage. They are removing clutter from their life. They are organizing and clearing out.

Clutter on the outside is representative of clutter on the inside. This action of clearing out is akin to NESTING! People nest before they give birth. This is a transformational time that will at some point have a blessing we will deeply understand. We can already see some of them now; people helping people.

In essence this is a world rebirth. A new beginning.

Those that have no clutter because they had already cleared it, are going deeper into themselves and connecting more deeply with those they love, expanding themselves which will help the world. Look for the wins, and don’t get caught up in the Fear. Fear will never take you where you want to go.

If you need help decluttering on the inside, releasing fear, or going deeper into who you are, reach out for a free one hour consultation. This is indeed a time of growth.

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Don’t let fear rule you. Let your own knowing lead you.

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Can You Sign to Help?

The system fails again. I didn’t know her or her situation. I wish I did. Time after time we are not heard when we speak of the truth of our situations. Frankly a restraining order alone may not save us, although of course she was unable to obtain one in time, after her existing one expired…this petition offers some great recommendations on process changes that are desperately needed. The legal system has to take us seriously. I recognize some people push for help unjustifiably, yet I also know those that are justified, are seldom heard or believed. Maybe, with stars such as Drew Carey (her ex-fiancee) and others with followers that knew her, maybe THIS TIME, it will be powerful enough to make positive change in the court/legal system that radically needs attention. Please consider signing this petition. Let us be part of the justice. Let us continue to help people and the system Wake Up, then Stand Up, so we can all LIVE FREE. #sociopath #abuse #Domesticviolence #selfesteem #empowerment #livefree

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