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The Power of Community and Nature



In my book I touch on this! We are so much more powerful than we realize!
What a great reminder today! We must remember the power of CONNECTION, NATURE & COMMUNITY! This true story shows that we have healing powers, and our inner joy matters. Isolation can truly kill us…stay connected (safely). He managed 36 more years of life to die at 102ish…because he chose to re-engage in what he knew mattered. The story below is brief…and a testimony to my beliefs! It isn’t the wine! It is the joy!
Don’t forget to connect with the amazing natural world around you and those you love!
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Time to Raise Your Awareness?

What a great time in our lives to really take the time to notice and appreciate the little things. It just may give you a new perspective on the bigger things!

Posted by: dianaiannarone | July 18, 2020

Peace is an Inside Job

If you feel like life is an uphill climb reach out for a free 1 hour consultation and remember your own power for peace.💞 (Phone or Skype)

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Sociopath Got You Down?

I always delight in getting reviews on my book, a reminder that our stories do indeed make a difference! I am still out there doing the work, and these moment remind me how much it still matters. Maybe it is time to tell your story? If you need a little help igniting your courage, email me at Courage is an inside job! There is no shame in where you have been. It made you who you are! Here is the link to my book

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No Fear

When is the last time you simply stood in awe of the wonder all around you? Maybe it is time to re-discover that feeling?

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2020 The Year of Clear Vision?

2020 to me is exactly that. The world will be awakened to many truths…wait and see. Some of it will be hard to see and swallow about the deception that is plaguing us now, however seeing things as they are is ALWAYS better than being “asleep!” This video however, depicts much of the good that has come from our present situation, if we choose to allow it. Remember, life is meant to be about love and connection. The cure may not be a vaccine. What we can now see may just be the beginning…lovely message. Perhaps 2020 is the year of clear vision

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Needing Some Love?

She has lost her mind warning 

So I listen to Dr. Joe Dispenza (neuroscientist) a lot, and read his book, Breaking the Habit of being YOURSELF! Love the title and the message.

Why the warning? Because if you do the meditation to follow the short clip, you will hear a man who sounds like he is in an echo chamber…it feels laughable and silly, however, he is working on frequencies…YOU have 15 minutes to lose, and a ton to gain…

In this clip, Joe talks about a LOVE project he began a week ago…it will fill you up! Why not use this time to FINALLY and TRULY connect to your heart…that often forgotten instrument where all that is wonderful resides.

Joe for me, validates everything I have been teaching for years…but he validates it with science, as he is a neuroscientist. His story began when he healed his back (when he broke 6 vertebra) with his mind and heart. Crazy? Review his client success stories for yourself…for now though, just be open. I will put his story in the comments, if you don’t already know it.


The video BELOW is 6 minutes. The change in our lives, is not as intense as what he has done in most cases…imagine how little time it might take to transform your life?


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Maybe Now is the Time to Become Ambidextrous?

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Just reminding you!  Trust the process.

If you need support, email for a Free One Hour Consultation.

No Fear.

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Don’t let fear be your ruler. Trust.

Don’t be manipulated.
Reach out for a free Skype/phone consultation.

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