Posted by: dianaiannarone | July 18, 2019

Me & My Shadow Kindle Version Today Only $.99

Today there is a best seller campaign going on for my book Me & My Shadow, Move from Fear and Control to Love and Freedom on kindle. It is just one day, and offers the kindle version of my book for $.99. I know many of you already bought my book! If you so desire to, perhaps get it for someone else, or just get one to help the campaign, I would be so grateful!

If you are not familiar with my book you may want to simply go to amazon and read the reviews and you may know just who can benefit from the message in my book! THANK YOU.

It is today only. I am putting a link here, but if it doesn’t work, please just go to and type in my name and look for KINDLE version. It is only for the kindle today! THANK YOU. Buy Kindle Here



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