Posted by: dianaiannarone | August 22, 2021

The Truth is on the way.

EXTREMELY powerful presentation from another MOM addressing the school board. NAILED them on MASK Mandates!! I hope this goes viral. This has never been about the virus.

I have been closely following this for a long time. We are in a pivotal time in the world. All the deception and evil is being brought to light. This is what I discussed in my book Me & My Shadow; move from Fear and Control to Love and Freedom, published in 2013. I told my personal story and then explained how it plays into the whole world. And right now it is becoming visible.

Current events are about one thing: THIS is all about Power and Control…that is it. Soon there will be so much more available showing the deceptions, from election fraud, to the virus, the vaccine, sex trafficking and so much more…the deep state is VERY VERY DEEP.

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