Posted by: dianaiannarone | July 21, 2016

Enlightened Path


Excerpt Me & My Shadow:

Just as you must accept and embrace all parts of you to achieve the experience of total inner peace, it is only when we accept and embrace all parts of the world, even those we have rejected in the past, that we can observe world peace. This peace is created through experiencing the full power of the endless source of Love. We are not meant to judge, only to love. Just as all parts of us as individuals are interconnected, mind, body, and spirit, so are all parts of us as a world, as a Universe. We are all connected by that one source that runs through us, should we choose to acknowledge and embrace it, God, the greatest source of Love.

We cannot reject that which is a part of us and be whole and complete at the same time. To experience true peace we must embrace and know our oneness. We must only determine which parts of the Universe in its entirety are wise to allow into our personal lives. Those parts which are not healthy for us we can acknowledge and then dismiss with love. There is an abundance of all the necessary components for peace and comfort in our lives and in the world. There is no shortage. This will become more evident as greed and fear are overcome by Love.

Those who live in the shadows hope we never discover our freedom. They hope we never realize the deceit, presented as truth, which hides in their shadow. It is in embracing the fullness of our light, our power of God within, that together, we can reveal all that hides in the shadow. Acknowledging the full capacities within us, we are awakened; we enter the enlightened path. We must recognize our oneness, and from our awake place we are able to clearly see the deceptions. It is time to distinguish between those in a mere puddle crying for help, and those in the depths of the water about to be drowned in the pull of the undertow, after having willingly treaded water and fought for their breath.

Money and the nice things it can do and buy should carry with it no shame. The imperative assessment is to discover which ego is directing its abilities, how the “tool” of money is being utilized, for power over and control of or for Love. The problem lies in our tendency to become attached and to begin to define ourselves by these tangible things. The person at peace does not fear losing any of the things in their possession because they know that “things” are fleeting. Only Love is everlasting.

The attachment to the physical literally binds us in that space. We are unable to move completely to the Divine until we sever all attachments. Release, and let go.

You may be wondering how you can simply let go of that attachment. After all, money is necessary to live in our world today. The idea of releasing the stresses formed by our attachment to money, our fear surrounding money, may seem ludicrous and impossible. But as I have said before, trust is the antidote to fear. The more you know, the more you discover what you don’t know. When you begin to trust in the Universe, and in yourself, you no longer have a need for fear. In fact, when you operate from a place of trust to the point that you have reached your Divine ego, you no longer have a need for your shadow at all, although you are aware of its existence.

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