Posted by: dianaiannarone | July 18, 2016

The Power of Love and Acceptance

love and acceptance world

Excerpt Me & My Shadow:

We must embrace who we truly are, the whole of us. The pieces of our lives cannot come together as one, until we do. We must embrace the truth that we are the creator of our world. We must acknowledge the fullness of our power of love and acceptance and through that knowledge we will be empowered to create real change, not only in our lives, but in the world as a whole. We will be in a better position to offer kindness and love to others once we learn to show it to ourselves. Certain responsibilities come with this title of creator. We must no longer leave room in our world for hate, control, or words that diminish our spirit. There must be no room for us to diminish ourselves either. To allow yourself to examine the deceptions in your life, takes great courage. First, you need the courage to look so that it may be revealed, and then to act in your best interest armed with what you now know. It is at this time you can begin to Stand Up.

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