Posted by: dianaiannarone | January 15, 2014

No One Completes You

Jerry McGuire simply had it wrong. The truth is no one completes you. So much of our suffering is brought about on a quest for love, all the while denying it to ourselves. We so often believe that we are not quite good enough, and so we sacrifice ourselves in an effort to find love.

The truth is, how we treat ourselves is our testimony to the world of how we should be treated. We teach others how to treat us…so if you sacrifice yourself, harm yourself, talk down to yourself, neglect your needs, what can you expect from another?

So the key to a happy life is simple. Create one. Begin by taking exquisite care of you, loving yourself fully, do for others, but do not harm yourself. Care about the needs of others, but do not neglect your own. If you are not making yourself a priority, don’t expect others too!

The quality of your life has always been up to you once you were no longer a child. Choose Love!

Excerpt from my book, Me and My Shadow:

When there is genuine love, peace exists. If your life has seemed devoid of these feelings of peace, devoid of nurturing or validation, you are looking in the wrong places to discover it. Seeking wholeness outside of yourself leads to destruction. Don’t beg for these cherished emotions; find them in yourself. Then, unite with someone who genuinely and freely offers them. Embrace all of yourself and be free. No one completes you, you are complete.


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