Posted by: dianaiannarone | January 16, 2014

Beware of Internet Predators

How do we avoid going from one devastating situation to another? We need to begin by trusting ourselves. If you look back across your life, isn’t it true that in almost all instances there was an inner knowing directing us, an inner knowing we often chose to ignore? This becomes increasingly important, especially when you are accessing the internet…a place where massive predation can occur.

How many stories have you heard about people finding internet love, only to be taken for thousands of dollars? The internet is the source of wondrous benefit, but also it can deceive us, as it is so easy for cowards to hide behind the screen. Predators that fabricate any image they wish…with the goal of self fulfillment and your destruction.

Narcissistic and sociopathic abuse, one of the most insidious evils impacting our world today…and yet it is a largely hidden truth, hiding because so few are wanting to accept that this level of deception and harm exists right in our own back yard. As most of you know, the prevalence of this abuse is stunning.
And when you are a victim of such evil by these charismatic charmers, often you are not believed, often your own family turns away from you, questioning why you would leave such a golden person, or even if those around you saw the truth, you still often feel lost and alone. Not knowing where to turn, you turn to the internet…you seek help…you try and find anything that can speak to your pain, anything that helps you feel understood…anything. You begin to find sites where the words you hear are is if someone has stepped inside your heart and saw your pain. You feel comforted, yet even through your devastation you must keep your awareness about you—some sites are operated by the very evil that brought you there, Narcissists. They have created their playground rampant with victims, raw from their pain and therefore more susceptible, just the way these unconscionable beings like it. This is not being discussed to raise your fear, instead it is being discussed to remind you of your own inner awareness…

True sites educate you, share of themselves and their stories. They do not reach out to YOU for YOU to help them, and if they do, let that RED FLAG be raised. When we are awakening to the truth of what has happened to us, trying to wrap our heart and mind around the truth that people that told us they loved us, harmed us in immeasurable ways; we need support, comfort and understanding, not to be giving more of what we really no longer have.
Of course most of us want to help change the world, heal others, yet it should be on our terms, when we are ready, no one should be asking anything of us when we are looking to find our own strength. To use our pain to help others, is noble, but it must be prompted by our inner knowing, our heart telling us to help others we may see in pain…no one should be pulling us toward that goal and if a site or person is, take it as a warning. They just may have their own purposes in mind; to get close to you, to leverage you, to use you.

We are so accustomed to giving of ourselves, that it can feel like an honor to be asked to help…but remember that when you are first awakening to the truth about sociopathic and narcissistic abuse, you need time to heal, time to absorb and time to strengthen and no one should be demanding anything from you and you should never be banned for respectfully sharing your thoughts and views. Banning is a form of abuse. Banning is an act of control, and one that has devastated many and is a clear RED FLAG the site has an agenda that does not allow freedom and truth. You should feel safe in a healing place to be precisely where you are as long as you are not harming others. Your thoughts and views expressing your inner truth should be embraced.

To already feel alone, unaccepted, confused and then to be banned, often without explanation, is another devastation that we are too quiet about. Don’t suffer in silence with your pain, don’t decide it is no big deal, or you should be tougher. Allow yourself to express your pain freely and let others embrace you in your truth…never feel shame for the actions of another person. Stand in your power!

We are so quick to minimize our pain, become desensitized to our own hurt…let us not lose our vulnerability, it is our illusion of invulnerability that causes us to hide our pain, suck it up, be strong…instead, find the true safe havens that exist, and open yourself up to fully feel, release and heal in the comfort of caring people…trust your knowing. ~Diana Iannarone

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