Posted by: dianaiannarone | January 15, 2014

The Power of Observation vs Assumption

In our daily life it is so easy to hear words, or see a behavior and make an assumption. When we make an assumption, in essence we are drawing a conclusion, however, this does not make our conclusion accurate. Yet, the more vested we get in that conclusion the more evidence may seem to appear in alignment with that conclusion. It is easy to build a picture around the beliefs you have already decided.

What if instead we simply observed. We simply observed the behaviors and words of those around us, without making an assumption. Would more be revealed? Would we then be able to see the truth instead of what we may have been inclined to assume?

Certainly assessing conflict between the words we hear and the actions we see is wise, I call this disconnect an incongruence. Yet how quickly do we decide what the truth is? We all know actions speak louder than words, every time…yet are their times we draw conclusions because of our assumptions rather than seeing what is truly occurring?

It has been my experience that since adopting a more go with the flow and trust perspective on life that my life has exponentially expanded and created experiences I would have otherwise missed. When something seems off or incongruent, meaning something doesn’t line up, words and actions seem to be in conflict, I observe, I do not confront. I have no fear of confrontation, but how often do we do so when we are incorrect? As I observe an incongruence, I consider the various potential truths and draw no conclusion…and then I wait for more to be revealed.

This single decision has allowed me to see the many ways that in the past, I had likely sabotaged my own joy. I am grateful to have broken this pattern, heightening my experience of Living Free.

In my book I address this concept in several ways, here is one such rendition:

“As the observer, rather than the controller, you are able to more readily see who someone really is, not who you imagine them to be, or who they tell you they are. From the position of observer it is like you are gathering information in a barrel. Think of it like rain. Each drop of rain that drops in the barrel accumulates with the rain already in the barrel. Eventually, the rain will overflow the barrel, and you will be Awake.”

Awake means, seeing the truth before you…allowing you to have more clarity on which steps to take as you move forward. Be the observer, and await as things are revealed to you.

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