Posted by: dianaiannarone | July 22, 2013

The Fragile Beginning

The moment we are conceived, we begin the transition from the embodiment of the greatest source of all LOVE into the arms of “Our Family.” The arms of those that chose to bring us into existence, those that chose to have a child, those that decided for us that it was time for us to be brought into the world, and we chose to accept that offer.

From that moment, we know vulnerability.  We trust that it is safe to be vulnerable. We are helpless, having no choice but to fully rely on those around us, first to nurture us into existence, and then to comfort us in our pain, to nourish us with food, to clothe us, to teach us…but above all else to LOVE us.

When we are born, having previously been connected to the source energy that is Love, we have a knowing.  We have a knowing of what pure and complete unconditional Love is. We know. If we are delivered into Loving arms, into the arms of those that understand the sanctity and beauty of what a cherished gift we are, we flourish.  We grow up knowing Love, we know not judgment of another.  We value all life, we set out to love and not harm, we remain unwounded.

How many of us were able to experience such a path?  How many of us were born into the loving arms of those that understood the depths of this love, those that accepted all parts of us exactly as we were? And even in the most loving of environments, is it possible to escape all wounds? Acknowledging that no one can really serve all our needs, as no one can really know what all our needs are except us, makes us cognitive of the reality that even those with the best of intentions are likely to still cause us to wound. And, in order for someone to give us complete and total acceptance and love, they must have arrived to a place where they too have an inner experience of that level of Pure Love. How many of us are in that space, that space where we completely and totally love and accept every part of ourselves? And what is the cost to the quality of our life if we are not in that space?

As we enter the physical word, to this place we have been invited to appear…we soon often realize, that there is a great deal of experiences and words that are in opposition to LOVE.

We begin to see that there are conditions.  We begin to see there are expectations and demands.  We begin to see that our emotions or reactions seem unacceptable, that when we feel or express who we really truly are it is often rejected.  These messages act as guidance seeming to indicate it is not okay to feel.  It is not okay to be REAL. We begin to see that people sometimes wish to harm, hurt, or control instead of LOVE, and most painfully, we learn that often those people are the very people that chose to bring us into the physical world once again. They invited us here, and yet at times seem inconvenienced by our presence.  We do not understand why they don’t unconditionally love us. This is so confusing to us-and so painful.

We have moved from the safe vulnerability of unconditional Love, to the sometimes painful realities of life on the planet. And our wounding of our unprotected vulnerable selves begins.  We suffer, and we often quickly begin to experience that it is not safe to be vulnerable…because it hurts too badly when we are not embraced into the arms of unconditional love.

The rejection of ourselves, directs us to become our adapted self, the self we believe we need to become to be loved and accepted.  This conditional Love, born from our wounds, alters the course of every aspect of our life. We forfeited who we truly are to gain the love and acceptance of those that were unable or unwilling to love us as we are.  How much of ourselves we lose depends on the depth of the wounds that were inflicted.  The tight rope we perceive we must walk, to not fall, to not be rejected, is created, and as our world broadens with more people offering up what is wrong with who we are, siblings, relatives, friends, lovers and so on…our tight rope that we feel we must walk to remain “acceptable” gets more narrow with every passing day; or perhaps to defy the restrictions of  this path, we become rebellious, facing painful natural consequences.  Either way we surrendered who we were meant to be for who we felt we were driven to become.

In our wounded state, we may grow to become reactionary and defensive or we may silence ourselves, retreating into a space where we feel we can avoid the pain of the judgment cast upon us.  We no longer exists solely through the looking glass of Pure Love, we begin to accept there is something to fear, that our existence can be harmful. We learn it is not safe to be vulnerable, because the world often isn’t a safe place.

In this place of confusion we don’t know whether to let people in or keep them out. Our view of love becomes clouded and confused.  We begin to examine options to keep ourselves safe, in some cases looking to build a fortress that no one can enter. Depending on the depths of our pain, we may begin to loathe our vulnerability, and perhaps even loathe the world we entered.  We begin to fear letting people too close.  We then either choose to endure the impenetrable pain or we build the walls creating boundaries to protect ourselves from those who we most turned to for Love. We begin to forget what we knew, the blissful experience of Pure Love, and shift our emotions from our heart of Love to the thoughts of fear.

Sadly as children we are bound by the authority of those around us, as more often than not, we cannot escape the conditions of our life throughout our childhood.  However, once we are an adult we are responsible for the quality of our life.  It is at this time we need to decide whether to let our past define us or seek the wisdom within ourselves to remember how to live a life of Love.  It is in rediscovering the parts of us that we released so long ago that we can recapture our joy and live an authentic life standing in the truth of who we truly are.  We must choose to be our own authority, undaunted by the views of others in any form. In doing so,  it becomes possible to achieve pure love in this lifetime.

First you must realize that you can define all aspects of your life and love.  Are you willing to investigate your current beliefs and assess if they are truly in alignment with who you really are versus who you have felt you had to become?  Are you willing to release the adapted self, willing to walk away from anyone that bestows upon you anything in opposition to Love? Are you willing to redefine your definition of harm?  Are you willing to decide that you need not tolerate pain, that you have the right and ability to protect yourself from any negative energy, words and experiences directed at you? Are you willing to risk being alone if it could lead you to all you ever wanted? Are you willing to believe again in unconditional Love?


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