Posted by: dianaiannarone | July 17, 2013

Fear is the energy that contracts. Love is the energy that expands.

How often do we let fear creep into our lives, sabotaging our behavior, limiting our potential and even blocking us from the joyful Love that exists?

When we are on the brink of something wonderful, something that is simply ebbing and flowing and creating itself, we have a tendency to jump in and try and control it. Often in those moments of complete wonder and joy…we allow Fear to take over and drive us to control. Fear, which is in relative opposition to Love, is an obstacle to all that awaits.  We over think, we over analyze, we move from our heart to our mind and thereby sabotage our own joy.  It is our mind and the thoughts within it that can create our confinement.  Our thoughts becoming like the harsh judgmental parent, telling us of all we are not, the ways in which we are not good enough, the ways in which we cannot be understood and acceptable, the ways in which we aren’t worthy, especially in matters of the heart-these are the lies we tell ourselves that mold our life…and we can stop it at any time.

I know that it is my choice to Live Free.  I also know the human factor is simply unavoidable at times, it rears its ugly head and implores me to consider that all the ease before me is the illusion and I must control, I must doubt, I must fear.  How long I allow this to consume me is up to me.

So as I recognize my saboteur is holding the reins of my life, I breathe, I step back, I remind myself of the wonder of Love and I instead choose to Trust, and release the compulsions, the racing thoughts, the analysis of all I could have or should have done/said or not done/said that can appear in my mind. With my awareness, I begin to drop the reins and instead again allow for the opportunity of all that awaits to be joyfully and easily created and enjoyed. I choose to shift from fear, that False Evidence Appearing Real, to trust in those moments.  I remind myself of how glorious things were when I was allowing them to happen, rather than over thinking and controlling.  What I have learned is the more we try and control things, the more out of control they get. We have to remind ourselves of our deservingness—and that Love is abundant, even for us.

Today I choose to release the contracting power of fear and move instead back to the expanding power of Love.  We are whole, complete and loveable just as we are. I have learned the object is not to be vested in the outcomes, but instead to enjoy each moment of the journey, fearless and fully present along the way.

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