Posted by: dianaiannarone | July 14, 2013

The Power of Deception

What precisely is the power of deception in our life?  How much of what we believe and live is nothing more than lies?  We lie to ourselves about the truth of the circumstances of our lives.  We lie to ourselves about who we really are.  We allow others to lie to us, unknowingly giving them permission to use fear and control to overpower us. Deception, blinds us, leaves us sleeping to the joy and love that is all around us if we could get out from behind the shadow of deceit.

We aren’t knowingly living in deception, at least not from a full consciousness perspective…yet, at some level we know. We have this feeling, this inner prompting, something saying…something is not right. However, we fear looking will be harder than staying blind, asleep to the truth. What if this is false?  What if in our awakened state we can be free from all deceptions?  What if in an awakened state we can see behind the shadows to the truth, and know, unequivocally, what is for our highest, greatest good and what is harming us?

Excerpt from Me and My Shadow: 

“…I would experience little inner promptings warning me, but time after time I would choose to ignore these signs. I didn’t understand they were warning me that I was incongruent with my soul; the knowing of what was in my highest, greatest good was always present. Instead, at some unconscious level, I decided if I looked, or perhaps feared if I looked at the message of the red flag, my whole world would come crashing down. During that time I was asleep I never stopped to see that my personal world was already a train wreck; a train wreck that could have been salvaged at any time. It was then, and always will be, our choice.”


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