Posted by: dianaiannarone | July 13, 2013

How do we measure our wholeness?

It is really not that difficult. It is measured by our peace. When we feel peace within ourselves, we no longer take things personally. We offer compassion where appropriate and surround ourselves in love. We are keenly aware of how we should be treated and how to treat others, and we know the premise is LOVE.
Our confusion exists because of our wounds. The things we observe outside of ourselves that we get defensive about or that ignites our fear, is a gift. It is a gift because it is intended to awaken us to the wound we have not yet healed. So in those moments where you want to attack or recoil, when you want to act in opposition to love, ask yourself, what wound do I have that is making me want to lash out or sabotage?

This is not to say that people being mean to you is acceptable. This is to say that if someone is truly being mean, when you are whole, you simply observe that their words or actions are cruel and therefore may choose to disassociate with that person. You can always offer them love, you just may need to do so from a distance.

But what about when someone is coming from a place of love, and you hear and feel them from a place of fear? If you allow your fear to be your leader you will destroy the depth of what awaits. Observe those around you, look for congruency. Congruency is when words and actions line up, always line up. This is a gift, this is integrity, this is honor. When you find this, it is easy to want to run from what may seem too good to be true. Instead I encourage you to stand in your love…and choose to trust, for you will find unfathomable depth, depth you would have never known.

What is real, cannot lie and in your soul you will know.

They key is, to know that it is as if all of us, as we walk the earth are holding a mirror. What we think we see in others, is most often the truth about ourselves. In all circumstance, first look within.

As Carl Jung says “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” When we look within we learn of our wound, that wound is creating our fear, and in healing that wound, we Live Free and become open and ready for all life has always had in store.

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