Posted by: dianaiannarone | July 10, 2013

The Sociopath

I intend for most of my posts to just be random thoughts all geared to helping us live free—aware of the truths in our life and empowered to change those we wish to. I think it is important though also to introduce some concepts by posting periodic excerpts from my book Me and My Shadow into these blog posts about a very specific kind of abuse that many of us are faced with and yet we do not understand.

Abuse from the sociopath, or others that have no conscience. It is unfathomable to many that someone could not have a conscience, so when we are on the receiving end of such cruelty, we justify or minimize away the experience we are having because when we hear their excuse, we believe them, because it is the only conceivable option in our mind. Our rational mind. Our mind with a conscience.

What is amazing about these relationships is they are riddled with torment and suffering and somehow we find ourselves, questioning ourselves rather than them. This is the phase where I refer to us as being asleep…it is essential that we awaken.

Here is an excerpt from the chapter The Disguise:

“Sometimes when you meet a person, there is some powerful attraction that you can’t quite explain. Even if you don’t feel an immediate attraction, their persistence often triggers a feeling of being deeply loved. You begin to feel like the most important person in the world, or at least in their world. You begin to believe you will be the person who will finally love them the way they have longed to be loved. The person they have longed for but could never find. Then, they tell you about their broken lives…broken until you came along of course. They often play the victim and express to you how they want to be a better person, they need you. You feel badly for their circumstances and want to rescue them. You give all you have to save them while never looking to see that you are being manipulated…played. You never even consider that for the other person it is more of a chess game then a loving encounter. You believe you are on the threshold of the most unimaginable love. This may be nothing more than a delusion.

While asleep, we see their actions as a reflection of their suffering instead of an effort to manipulate us. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between suffering and manipulation. In our wholeness, Awake, we will more clearly know. It is as if a part of your being that was shut down can now see. ”

I hope this blog coupled with my book will help awaken the masses that are currently asleep.

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