Posted by: dianaiannarone | July 8, 2013

It can be so simple really…

All of us that live on this planet know that so many people experience so much pain and suffering. Why is that? Why can’t it be about love?

What if it really is all about love but our fear leads us to thoughts in contrast to that? What if we are born as love and learn fear? Early on we are taught we must DO certain things in order to be loved and accepted. Our translation of that learning is that we decide who we are is not good enough, not loveable enough, and so we become what we believe we need to be to achieve love and acceptance. We give others our life-line. We believe others have the ticket to “make us happy.” This begins at home…our devoted quest for the love and acceptance of our first caretakers, generally our parents.

Yes in a quest to become what we perceive we need to become to be loveable, we deny who we are and move from the love of ourselves we were born with to fear and dislike of ourselves. Armed with that belief we go through life wondering why we can’t find love and acceptance, given we were even willing to give up ourselves to find it! Rarely are we taught that it is paramount that we love ourselves, know ourselves, believe in who we are, even when we are just BEING, not DOING, as in loving who we are precisely as we are, we are clear on where boundaries need to be to keep ourselves safe, and our self-love exudes from our soul and spreads to all those whose lives we touch. When we love ourselves, we are in alignment with our soul. In alignment with our soul the highest, greatest good is always achieved.

People see how we treat ourselves, how we view ourselves and we are unknowingly inspiring them to do the same…if you are going to be the teacher of how you wish to be treated (regardless of if you are aware of this truth or not) a good first step might be to show love of ourselves and this may become the guide to others of what we deserve! Imagine if we all made that choice, to love the whole of us exactly as we are? This would be the beginning of inner peace, which can lead to world peace…

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