Posted by: dianaiannarone | December 1, 2016

Could You Be Your Own Antagonist?


As you listen to your own internal voice and imagine it being externalized, how do you feel? Would you be elated that people could hear and rejoice in the love and acceptance you have for yourself? Would they be honored to hear what you thought about them?

Or would it be hard to hear your words because they are so self-deprecating and destructive? Or because they are so harshly judging of all those around you?

In my many years of teaching perception to large groups I would ask—What if people could hear what you think louder than what you say? Imagine.

I am not speaking of the words you DO say, I am addressing that inner voice. Would that inner voice externalized, be a welcomed message of grace and love?

Inside our head is our own parent to ourselves. Who is that parent? Is this parent loving and accepting? Are their words filled with trust, optimism and hope? Does the parental voice build you up and remind you of your all-encompassing beauty? Or does it judge and condemn you through comparison or self-criticism? Does it observe and uplift others or judge those around you that seemingly have it more together than you or are more beautiful or more successful than you in your eyes?

Your eyes, are what is painting the picture of your truth. What if reality is nothing more than what you choose to see? Would you want to change the messages from your voice, to see something more joyful? No words inside you, about you, should project shame. Shame is the heaviest of emotions. To be fulfilled and happy, shame must be released.

What if you imagined for the remainder of your month that your narration in your mind was projected out for the world to hear…would it help you shift to gratitude, appreciation, love and acceptance?

Give it a try, it could change your life. Consider going deeper by capturing your thoughts on paper. Read them aloud to yourself, feeling within you the response if the world could hear. Be kind to yourself, for when you embrace fully self-love, no one can rock you off your foundation. We all deserved the best most loving parent, imagine if we can at least be that for ourselves. Then our self-esteem would bring us to a place where we had so much love to give, and so much energy to give it.

The quality of your life is purely in your hands.

Wake Up to how you’re operating from past hurts, Stand Up for your non-negotiable qualities and Live Free into your next reality.

Life is not meant to be a struggle, and healing from harsh forces is a beautiful, gentle awakening to the one limiting core belief—the red thorn—that can be gently released (not extracted).

Cut Your Root of Captivity.

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