Posted by: dianaiannarone | September 7, 2016

Break Free from the Web that Binds


Never lose sight that the beautifully interlaced threads spun by the master weaver, serve only to ensnare its prey, paralyze it, and then devour it.

Consider also, that we ourselves can be our own destructive web designer. We too have our intricate patterns of behavior, tied to threads that began long ago when we were children. These patterns may make us our own saboteur, devouring our life force over time. Whether it is repeatedly creating or participating in external situations that leave us feeling trapped in a web, or our own internal self-talk that makes us stuck believing we cannot achieve all that we imagined—we must decide we can break free from our present circumstance, especially in the area of relationships.

You know you are trapped in a web when you feel immobilized, frozen, paralyzed and unable to fully live the life you imagined. You can set your life in full motion again.

Once you bring the patterns and the threads that started them to conscious awareness, you can begin to cut those ties that bind, and a new life is created.

Don’t let your ability to fly be destroyed by being tangled in a web.

Wake Up to how you’re operating from past hurts, Stand Up for your non-negotiable qualities and Live Free into your next reality.

Life is not meant to be a struggle, and healing from harsh forces is a beautiful, gentle awakening to the one limiting core belief—the red thorn—that can be gently released (not extracted).

Cut Your Root of Captivity.

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