Posted by: dianaiannarone | September 3, 2016

The Power of Self-Talk


If you were to capture as a painting every word and thought you utter within your mind, about yourself and your life, what image would this work of art depict?

What if your self-talk is largely directing the circumstances and outcomes in your life? What if you are the powerful creator of your direct occurrences?  Are you willing to take accountability for that? Can you choose to be empowered to change your often self-deprecating voice to one of love and trust?

Is it possible your own thoughts and word are reverberating within your body creating the circumstances you are facing?

What if your body, mind and spirit are simply responding to your own internal messages? What if any self-criticism creates more evidence that what you are choosing to criticize is valid? And—what if the inverse is true?

What if your fear or rejection of abundant health, wealth and love are perpetuating the lack of those things into reality?  And what if to make those negative outcomes extinct rather than perpetual, the first and simplest move is to change your Self-Talk to speak words that represent what you wish would manifest in your life…and what if when you do so, you will accurately represent the phenomenon you truly are; and your life will become a masterpiece?


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