Posted by: dianaiannarone | July 13, 2016

Shedding light on the Shadow

no more hiding

Excerpt from Me & My Shadow~Move from Fear and Control to Love and Freedom by Diana Iannarone:

Those that slink in the darkness of the shadows, have one weapon they fear. A weapon that makes them run for cover even more than a vile threat on their life, one that will ignite their terror more than any other; cameras. It is hard to remain in the darkness, if you are captured in truth, by the light. They wish to never be caught; they wish to never have their true actions revealed. They so enjoy hiding behind the illusion of their innocence.

Remember, to these types abusers (sociopaths) the click in the chamber of a gun ignites less fear, than the click of a camera.


My corporate tag line is:

Wake Up. Stand Up. Live Free.

To see the world at large with some deep sense of reality, often we must first look within to the conditions of our own life.

Waking up to areas we may be deluded or unwilling to face is the first step…

The clearer we see ourselves, the clearer we see the world.

Where in our own personal lives might we be tolerating the intolerable? I learned the power of that evaluation on my own journey from Fear and Control to Love and Freedom.

We can change the world, one person at a time as we each evaluate what changes we must make in our lives to find peace. Abuses often begin at home.

Many of the circumstances that we are seeing in the world are not new, they are being revealed as result of improved and accessible technology.

As I stated the other day: I believe that the ubiquitous use of cameras is causing accountability for actions. Everything in the shadows is being brought into the light. It is painful, yet powerful as these ever-present truths are revealed. Deception may finally have no place to hide in the transparency of our world. 

This is truly a beginning. May we all, Wake up. Stand up. Live Free.

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