Posted by: dianaiannarone | May 26, 2016

Always Be Humble and Kind?

This is beautiful and true. Always be humble and kind, yes. However, in the process we may have to create new definitions. Kind, doesn’t mean you protect wrong doers. Kind, doesn’t mean you tolerate abuse from others. Kind, doesn’t mean you don’t allow someone to have the natural consequences of their poor or cruel behavior. This distortion of kind is what leads so many to endure intolerable pain. We are often taught that protecting ourselves is unkind…no, not protecting ourselves is UNKIND to US. We are in the formula. Our lives matter too. Igniting our warrior spirit, to me means, being kind and willing to protect those in harms way, including ourselves. Being kind does NOT mean you don’t protect yourself. This is where I feel we have to begin to understand our worth matters in the formula too…being kind also means to yourself.

Great song.

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