Posted by: dianaiannarone | August 3, 2014

Freedom is Available. Choose it.


Excerpt Me and My Shadow~Move from Fear and Control to Love and Freedom.

“In any abusive or unhappy situation we readily decide that there is no way out. This is a delusion we choose to embrace to keep us in our suffering. We have known our suffering for so long that we find comfort there. No matter how much you may feel there is no way out, consider if only for a moment, that this is a deception. Once you open your mind and heart to that possibility, you might be surprised by the pathways that appear.There is a way out of any abusive situation, no matter the source of the abuse, even self-abuse. As an adult you can Live Free.”

Copyright © 2014 by Diana Iannarone

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Me and My Shadow

Move from Fear and Control to Love and Freedom.

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This is my Mission: 

Partner with people to relinquish their chaos and confusion in exchange for clarity and resolution from whatever crisis they find themselves in. 

I do not give legal advice, nor do I use legal principles to apply to your circumstances. Instead I focus on how to empower you to communicate and use proper positioning to win through influential and concise communications. I guide people to Wake Up, Stand Up, Live Free.

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