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Stamina and Endurance-it may not be all it is cracked up to be.

Zig Ziglar

The image above was from Zig Ziglar’s Facebook page July 30, 2014

I no longer have regret, but I will say that spending the majority of my adult life in manipulative and abusive relationships, sure sets you back for a long time. When you have endured that kind of pain, you know that sense of: how could I not see? Why did I tolerate the intolerable for so long? I have a strong belief about that and that is why I wrote my book and told my story. We all need be heard, so others can awaken. I have learned a great deal from my life choices and experiences, and I now fully understand that living on my terms was always an option…but I learned it the hard way. My greatest hope is through sharing what I learned, others can side step or short cut their suffering.~dri

Here is an excerpt from Me and My Shadow~

So why did I remain in a largely unhappy situation for all those years? My stamina and endurance told me I had to make it work. Guilt and shame are the tools that we allow to be used against us, to make us violate our own inner voice, our own inner knowing. Stamina and endurance prevailed.

At that phase of my life I still believed that I was not the ruler of my life.
I felt that I had to abide by the laws created by someone outside of myself.
I had to try to make it work; it was what was expected of me. Keep in mind my belief system. It was my job to make the man happy, to heal and protect him.

 If only I had known then to:

   -Always honor yourself.
   -Honor others as long as honoring others doesn’t cause you to dishonor yourself.
   -If someone is asking you to dishonor yourself for them, that is not okay. Say no.

What do you know is wrong that you are still enduring? Who are you trying to protect or save believing that it is the path to love and acceptance?

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