Posted by: dianaiannarone | July 11, 2014

Power and Control



Domestic Violence doesn’t begin with violence, it begins with Power and Control. We have to be willing to accept that when we are in these types of relationships, we are tiptoeing, not because of what HAS happened, but more often than not, for what we fear WILL happen. No relationship grounded in Love includes fear. Know the signs and be willing to walk away…and know that walking away takes strategy. If you need help, inbox me.

This wheel created by the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project in Duluth has become a universally accepted wheel to help people identify properly the truth of their situation. Share it. Help people know what their circumstances are, so they might begin to change them.

If you know someone that needs help, as I said, have them inbox me.  Also visit my website for further information  In spite of the obvious leaning in the wheel, men are victims too, don’t be deceived.

If we SPEAK and do not HIDE…we can change everything. Come join us at Standing Up a Path to Being Whole Again on FB if you would like to be part of the quest for empowerment for all…~dri



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