Posted by: dianaiannarone | May 28, 2014

Fragmented or Whole?

(Image from Wayne Dyer’s FB page)

This is so true. We are project enough! LOL. If we seek peace everyday in ourselves, we will find we will resonate with others who are at peace. The word I use for this is congruence. When we are congruent with ourselves, our life is a testimony of that alignment. Our beliefs, behaviors and words all line up. We then become very well versed in seeing incongruence in others, and we know that it is a warning sign; one we should heed. Our awareness of ourselves helps us attract more good in our lives…

In my book Me and My Shadow, Move from Fear and Control to Love and Freedom, I explain this in many ways. Here is one example:

“Fragmentation attracts fragmentation, as we unconsciously seek that which will make us whole. We attract the parts of us we are missing. Once we are whole and complete, there is nothing outside of ourselves that we need. Our wholeness only attracts to us those who are also whole. To illustrate this, consider the tuning fork. If you have two tuning forks that vibrate at the same frequency, and you strike one, then mute it with your hand, seemingly inexplicably you will hear the other untouched tuning fork sound. The frequency of the vibration elicits a response from the other tuning fork. This is called sympathetic resonance. It exists only because the two forks are of the same make up; in essence they are whole and complete. If either tuning fork is broken, fragmented, the sympathetic resonance is no longer observed.

If we are fragmented, we attract those who are also fragmented. Having not embraced our full capacities, we attract what we are seeking for our wholeness—that which we have disowned. That mirror, symbolically held by another, is intended to wake us up to the presence of the parts of ourselves we have rejected. As you will see, we must choose to not be blinded by the mirror that will enlighten us.

You see, when we chose not to awaken, ultimately we may fall apart. With all our pieces on the ground we have the ability to not just pick up all those we have chosen to own in the past, instead, we can choose to pick up all the pieces, even those we previously chose to disown. And from our pain, from our falling to pieces, comes our wholeness.

The critical message is that we don’t have to fall to pieces to arrive. We simply need to Back Up, Wake Up, Stand Up and Live Free. Right now, you can be at any phase of this process, evaluate where you are, and just know that living free is available to you any time you decide. You can heal, without falling to pieces.

It was our childhood experiences that led us to disown parts of us. As I said in the beginning, I say in the end. Our stories are not that important, it is what we decided about life because of our stories that is of supreme importance. Our stories can only serve to heal others, once we acknowledge the damaging beliefs we allowed them to create, and change the conditions of our life.

Once we have reclaimed all disowned parts, we will be better able to see the wholeness or fragmentation of others. Even if this is not immediately visible, we will know as we observe.”

So the key to getting where you want to go is to look to obtain and internal locus of control. This means we are no longer driven by things outside of ourselves, instead, we truly become our own authority. Imagine a life in which YOU decide what is in your highest, greatest good, YOU decide. And, you never faulter from seeing that your needs are met. You will never be a person that will disregard another, it is simply time to fully regard yourself, the person that you have disregarded for far too long. The time is now for you to create all that you desire.

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