Posted by: dianaiannarone | December 6, 2013

Beware the narcissistic sociopath disguised as your “Soul Mate”

Beware the narcissistic sociopath disguised as your “Soul Mate”.


Good stuff! They all really ultimately look alike!


  1. My husband & I have had an extremely difficult time over the past year and a bit longer.

    On August 15th (1 week to our 19th wedding anniversity he announced to me that ” he didn’t want be married any longer. I was told I can stay as long as necessary to “get my things in order” & move everything from my name to his name etc.

    My world is caving in all around me & I’m so confused. Your company’s name came up in a FaceBook post. I started reading different topics on your company’s website & another revelation has been brought into the light. I believe my husband is my narcissitic soul mate. I don’t know where to go from here and ask if you may be willing to point me in a direction to do more reading. If not, I send my thanks for the information available on the website and will be keeping your company’s staff in my prayers.

    • Hello Dee. I am so sorry for your suffering. Given you have been married for 19 years, I hope you do not plan on just “move everything from my name to his.” I don’t know where you live and I can’t give legal advice, but 19 years would have earned you a share of the assets (likely 50%) and depending on who the wage earner was potentially other income as well. What I don’t know is what those 19 years of marriage looked like or if he gave you any warning or just announced it was ending. If you are considering that his behaviors may fall on the spectrum, ending it may be the beginning of life for you. The article that you are commenting on here, on my blog, was not written by me, but I posted it because it was very good…actually when I clicked the link I couldn’t find the article! Redthorn is me though. You might want to watch some of my videos on you tube. Here is one that people seem to value. You also might want to get my book which was about my journey through Lastly, I do offer a free consultation and we often get a lot accomplished on that call. If you would like to pursue that email me at No matter what, stand strong and know you will get through this.

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