Posted by: dianaiannarone | July 27, 2013

Opposition to Love

How do we define what is in opposition to love?  Sadly such a contorted picture of “love” has been given to us that we become numb to the truth of Pure Love.  To reside in this space of Pure Love, what is it that we have to walk away from?  How do we know when it is time to do so?

The answer is quite simple-what is the quality of life you are looking for?

It is possible that your life has been so infiltrated with abuse that you have no history of what Pure Love looks like? Yet in your heart of hearts, you do know.  You do know it is kind, you do know it is tender, you do know it supports, you do know it builds up.  Perhaps most importantly, you do know it is grounded in integrity and honor and, you also know it does not harm or diminish. Given you know, what if you chose to not live in contrast to Love, but instead Live in alignment with it?  Consider that this cannot be the standard you hold others to, unless you yourself choose to live from this space.

One cannot expect to receive, that which they are not willing to give.

And if one is willing to give it, walking away from anything in conflict with that which they give—is wisdom.

There is no need to ever settle in life, for life was meant to be lived in the fullness of Love. This does not mean you don’t work through bumps in the road, it means that you observe if the those you love, who claim to love you, will choose to love you with that honor. Words alone are not the marker, for words can be used to manipulate with promises to keep you believing—always choose to believe what you see, over what you hear. No effort is more exhausting than trying to mold someone into who you wish they would be, or who they claim they want to be. Look back across your life, how many years have been wasted in that act of futility? Life has always been meant to be easier than the path we have chosen.  Choose a new path now.

Can you see how once you make the decision, the decision to accept nothing in opposition to Love, there is a clear shift in your consciousness? In your mind’s eye as you considered these words, can you scan your life and think of the many things that would have to change for you to obtain this glorious manner of living?  And when you think about changing all those things that pass through your thought process, is your immediate thought that it is not realistic, that it can’t be done, that it is just too overwhelming?

The vision of Pure Love understands that it is not changing those things in opposition to Love that should feel overwhelming…it is living them.

People often ask what are the coping skills needed to avoid abuse, or remain steadfast against anything in opposition to Love.  Coping skills is an interesting thought because what is it exactly that you are coping with?

If you are coping with depression, anxiety, health issues, and the like, might it be true that those are a by-product of allowing things into your life that aren’t for your greatest good?  Once we are an adult we decide the quality of our life, and it isn’t coping skills that we need, it is courage.  Courage to stand alone, courage to stand against, courage to walk away…and then the courage to look into our inner core and define what we truly desire and then manifest it.

You decide the level of Love you wish to receive.  You decide the level of Love you wish to give.  Become that which you hope to experience, and you will.


  1. Paragraph 6 is so very true and written so well. I hope this gets out to so very many people. Choose to believe what you see… my past, the words meant nothing. It’s what I saw that did.

    • Thank you for your comment. And indeed, so many have been harmed by believing word over actions instead of the other way around!

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