Posted by: dianaiannarone | February 19, 2020

Can You Sign to Help?

The system fails again. I didn’t know her or her situation. I wish I did. Time after time we are not heard when we speak of the truth of our situations. Frankly a restraining order alone may not save us, although of course she was unable to obtain one in time, after her existing one expired…this petition offers some great recommendations on process changes that are desperately needed. The legal system has to take us seriously. I recognize some people push for help unjustifiably, yet I also know those that are justified, are seldom heard or believed. Maybe, with stars such as Drew Carey (her ex-fiancee) and others with followers that knew her, maybe THIS TIME, it will be powerful enough to make positive change in the court/legal system that radically needs attention. Please consider signing this petition. Let us be part of the justice. Let us continue to help people and the system Wake Up, then Stand Up, so we can all LIVE FREE. #sociopath #abuse #Domesticviolence #selfesteem #empowerment #livefree

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