Posted by: dianaiannarone | November 21, 2018

Traits of the Sociopath Victim

Remember, as it is time to give Thanks to give yourself permission to be happy and free from any type of abuse or controls. Perhaps it is time to evaluate your life and decide if you can be happier and freer than you feel right now. I thought perhaps this blog I wrote some time ago might be a good reminder to evaluate your situation and if you need help reach out for a free phone/skype consultation.

diana iannarone


I haven’t done a blog on this topic in some time. I do however still coach people dealing with sociopaths and narcissists. I haven’t done a blog because I feel my content is available and no need to keep saying the same thing over and over. Today however, a specific situation caused me to read quite a bit about what is out there regarding two key aspects of these relationships:

  1. The traits of a target victim that these individuals seek and attempt to destroy.
  2. The traits of the individual victim after experiencing the abuse in these situations.

I found the information on the aftermath to be reasonably accurate, yet I found the depiction of who the target is to be considerably off base. So I felt the need to address it.

As always, this is simply my view. I am not a medical professional. I did however, write a…

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