Posted by: dianaiannarone | May 2, 2017

Need a Guide to Freedom from Sociopaths and Such?

Below you will find a book review that hit Amazon this week. I hope it encourages you to check out my book.

It has always been my goal to guide people to live freely on their terms. I chose to write my story to provide to others information acquired through my wrong turns in intimate relationships. My hope is that maybe through my sharing, someone can take less wrong turns, or escape from the wrong ones they made. My book was written as a guide to help individuals Move from Fear and Control to Love and Freedom. You can find my book on Amazon, or just go to the link below or under the book tab on this blog.

Me & My Shadow

I also have You Tube videos under my  name, designed to help people understand why they find themselves in difficult relationships and how to break free.

You can have the loving life you deserve.

Brilliant! 5 stars!

on April 27, 2017
Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase
Buy it, read it, underline it, highlight it, write in the margins, tab it!
This book can not only help those that have been in abusive relationships but anyone that is seeking, peace and fulfillment in all areas of their life. Diana describes how her life was award winning on the outside and crumbling on the inside, behind closed doors and how she moved through this trauma to love and wholeness.
The only person that I want to learn from is the one that has been in darkness and has come through to the light – that is Diana Iannarone! In the book and in her coaching sessions, she has a no nonsense, tough love approach, juxtaposed with a warm a heart and a vault of information about the human condition, helping you to move from fear to freedom.
This work changed my life so much, that at 61, I got my Life Coaching license and Diana has been instrumental in helping me build my business. She has a long history in the corporate world, then moved to the private coaching arena and has funneled years of invaluable knowledge into this awesome book.
It illuminated for me that my belief systems, born in childhood, were still running my life today. As a child I was unable to express any feelings, even at 10 when my mother died and I got the message that my feelings didn’t matter to anyone. My favorite quote in the book is:
“The feeling I have that this is wrong must in fact be what is wrong. My feelings are wrong, not the act of what is happening to me or being told to me.”
It was worth the purchase just for that quote!
This is a great way to spend $16.00 and enjoy your “Breakthrough” as you will have one if you read Me & My Shadow!
Freedom Rocks!

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