Posted by: dianaiannarone | February 1, 2017

Connection Matters


Now that’s connection!

It is a new month. My hope is to connect more with each of you by creating an environment that inspires some positive discussion or thoughts. We can all use a little more connection!

As you have experienced, when people like my page or my blog, I don’t reach out to them, because it is important to me that people feel free! It is important that Life be on YOUR terms, so I will not reach out to you unless you send me a request to, but I still hope that through this page, I will connect with you at some level. I hope too, that as we move forward some of what I post here, resonates and inspires other positive thoughts. Your voice and you matter!

You may have noticed also, I am often using my personal photos now, I want to have more of me out there, so you know more of WHO I am. Thank you for your likes, shares, and comments, and even for your silent participation on my page. Meet Iggy, Bubby and Lucky. These were my babies when I lived on my horse ranch. It was so fun for all of us!

Let’s make this a great year of connection!

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