Posted by: dianaiannarone | July 6, 2016

Love and Acceptance

deny our own beliefs

Excerpt Me & My Shadow, Move from Fear and Control to Love and Freedom.

In essence, as children we were filled with love, and then we sought acceptance. When we feel some aspect of ourselves is not accepted, the negative force of rejection by those we view as our authority, our caretakers, diminishes us and redefines what we think love is. From our heart of love, we begin to learn fear. What we fear most is losing love and acceptance. We need love and acceptance to feel safe. We become whatever we perceive will allow us to be given love and acceptance and/or will keep us safe.

I believe that we are born knowing only love, because we are aware of our connectedness to God. Then we are taught to fear. It is this fear, mainly fear of being rejected or harmed that teaches us to adapt our behaviors. These adaptations may not feel right to us, but we follow the path that we believe leads us to love and acceptance.

The feeling I have that this is wrong
must in fact be what is wrong. My feelings are wrong,
not the act of what is happening to me or being told to me.

That fear of not being loved and accepted forces us to shift from our whole-selves to our adapted-selves. Our adapted self is the person we perceive we need to become, and eventually do become, so that we might feel loved and accepted as a child. The adapted self hides who we really are. The adapted self is our wounded self. That adapted self we became to feel loved, accepted, and therefore safe as a child, can be released once we are an adult. We can release our adapted self any time we decide. Through finding your beliefs you will learn who your adapted self is, and begin to rediscover your true self buried underneath.

In order to free ourselves from our false or limiting beliefs that created our adapted self, we first must identify those beliefs and wake up to the true reality. Once awake, we must stand up for who we are and our beliefs, even if they seem unacceptable to the world at large and, perhaps, by whomever we view as an authority. This is easier to do as we begin to trust ourselves. This courage is contagious.

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