Posted by: dianaiannarone | June 22, 2016

Don’t be THIS Kind of Choreographer.

puddle, their sobs are not their pain

If someone is kneeling in a puddle, they won’t drown. All that has to happen is they have to stand up. We don’t have to LIFT THEM out of the puddle, manipulators just want us to believe we do, using guilt and shame as the tools.  They do this so that we will run to their rescue confirming what matters most to them, we are under their control. Their calculating mind was only trying to figure out what they had to say or do to get us to jump. They won’t easily give up. Their motivation is simple: they have to win.

That is why we get so tired and they feel so accomplished. They celebrate when we feel we are failing, and they observe with glee as we continue to try harder.

We must Wake up, Stand up, Live free.

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