Posted by: dianaiannarone | April 25, 2016

End the Pain through Self-Discovery

narcsocself discovery

Do you know why we endure so much pain? Because we want to use our loving awareness to save another, save someone who claims to want to do better or be better. We believe their promises of the future and that they long to be kinder, more at peace, Godlier. Yet, WE are the ones putting in the effort, learning what might help them, reading the books, and what are they doing?

They are letting us give more than is appropriate, they are letting us devote ourselves wholeheartedly to them.

This is a choice we are making, because frankly, we had not yet gotten the courage to look at ourselves and ask ourselves why we would choose to endure such suffering on a quest to help someone else, someone else who shows little to no signs of being willing to help themselves.

It is easier to have an external focus then to journey into self-discovery.

These two messages depicted in the images above, are all you need to know to begin your healing.

It is time to make the courageous decision to focus your energy on you. Garner and embrace your internal locus of control to change your life. Release yourself from trying to heal someone who cannot keep their promises, and frankly doesn’t really care, no matter how much they might pretend to.

Look at the history. What has changed? If you were to look back over time what would you have to say about the relationship that indicates true, permanent improvement? We should not live in desperation for morsels of love…for pieces of love that feel good, make us feel like we matter.

Instead we need to be crystal clear how much we matter, that morsels are not enough and that we deserve abundant love and will settle for nothing else. Take the journey inward and change YOUR life. Once the change is made, it is permanent. And from that space, whether you are alone or in relationship you feel the beauty of wholeness, the wonder of contentment and the value and love for yourself. That is what will set you free.

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Image one (Narcissism) was found on Kelly Lynn Bieszczat FB page originally. Thank you.

Image two with the Marianne Williamson quote was found on FB Renu Kumar’s page. Thank you.


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