Posted by: dianaiannarone | March 16, 2016

Little Bits of Magic to Create Joy

Sometimes it is the little things that make a big difference.

I received this from a client today (shared anonymously with his permission)…it moved me the creative spirit some people have.

Among other things, this client was told he was bad luck when he was a child. And obviously we are working toward obliterating the false beliefs that have been instilled…I thought this was a great, uplifting idea. Fun and easy. It was his idea and I thought it might bring a little joy to share and perhaps others can benefit from it.

Oh , Just have to tell you . I was thinking on the bad luck and what to do about it.
I came up with a idea .
You remember that saying when you find a penny heads up then pick it up your have good luck all day .
Well I have been putting pennies on the ground head face up .
No pattern just when I am going into or out of a store or building. Here and there.
So it is like I am spreading good luck where I go . Do not have to know who picks the pennies up .
People are always looking down . And I am starting to look up thinking about how I made someone’s day lucky.


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