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The Psychopaths that Attempt to Rule the World

Thanks to BetrayedByLoveButNotByLife for this photo and message.

I am guessing many of you don’t know what I do. Actually sometimes I find it very difficult to explain it myself, sure I am a Life Coach and Advocate for Change in people’s lives. I do indeed help people create the life they want and most of those people have had reasonably ordinary lives. They have great goals and ambitions and have somewhat “typical” family wounds they must overcome to regain their self-confidence and self-esteem to reach their goals…but a great deal of what I do is not typical at all.

As a result of my blogs and videos, I get contacted from all over the world. England, Scotland, Australia, Italy, Israel, France, Iceland, Canada, India, The Netherlands, and of course the U.S. I travel the world sitting in my chair in my home. I hear of unimaginable hardships. Hardships that these people have often spoken to no one. Most of these types of contacts of course,  can’t afford my services. They have often been destroyed, emotionally, financially, spiritually and, physically. I do a free consult and in that meeting I try and address their entire sense of being. I lead them to know that their inner knowing that tells them what has been done to them is wrong, is right. I remind them that they are a breathing person and not an object. I remind them that they have rights, and can begin to trust themselves to stand for them. I teach them how to stay safe, offer them tools. I sometimes suggest my book, which was written as a guide, a potential means that can help them, without a lot of money. I often have a continuation of guidance as possible via email. At times of course, I give them more time. The gravity of the situation defines next steps.

I share this with you, as unless you have seen the inside of true violence, true torture, true suffering, you may not know the lasting effects. And you also may not know what it does to a person’s mind when you tell them that the violence they have been taught is wrong, and that life is about LOVE.

It is like them waking from a nightmare…only now they are filled with so much confusion.

“But I was taught these things by people who were supposed to love me!”

“Yes, you were. And they were wrong.”

The very foundation on which they existed, gets pulled out from underneath them; carefully. Think about it, what if EVERYTHING you were taught was diminishing, objectifying, cruel…and you thought that was life? What if you thought that was everyone’s life? And now you realize, that inner knowing you had, the one that said this is wrong, was right. And so many of your precious years have been given to that lie, to that belief that you were nothing, or that the world is your enemy, or that you deserve nothing more than to be a servant to others, or that if you love better, stronger or more accurately,  these bad things would not befall you, or that being harmed and stripped of your rights is normal and right. Imagine.

What would you do to change those beliefs? Once awakened this transition to a new life is not as long as you might think. In my experience, this awakening transforms people, many times in months. I don’t have to be a victim anymore. I can create a lifeI matter. It triggers in them a new kind of warrior. One that regards themselves in the formula. People absorb this new reality with a vengeance…in spite of strong battles with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and Cognitive Dissonance, these people can measure each and every day of their life with new measures of progress. They see the change in their existence. Nothing is more rewarding than hearing from these people about their accomplishments and joy now that they consider that they matter in their own life. Now that they know their happiness has a right to exist, and most importantly, that they are free to be who they really are, duly noting that they are aware of the potential circumstances of that…including death, their courage overcomes their fear and they experience fulfillment.

One man in boxed me from prison several months ago, he told me he was in prison for killing his sister. He killed her because he was taught he was supposed to. She slept with a man. It was in his mind at the time he did so, an honor killing.

Honor killing

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
An honor killing is the homicide of a member of a family by other members, due to the perpetrators’ belief that the victim has brought shame or dishonor upon the family, or has violated the principles of a community or a religion, usually for reasons such as refusing to enter an arranged marriage, being in a relationship that is disapproved by their family, having sex outside marriage, becoming the victim of rape, dressing in ways which are deemed inappropriate, or engaging in homosexual relations.

He wrote me in despair and confusion. Telling him that what he learned, what he was taught, was wrong, validated every belief he had at his core. He thanked me…he felt hope. He was honored I spoke to him, and didn’t run from him.

He described his thoughts in these words:

I have to live with this, but the world may be different than I have been taught. That gives me hope.

The influx of such pain is abundant. I cannot post the details of the stories I have heard, but know that even the person next to you may have borne unbearable suffering at the hands of those that told them they loved them.

Pleasefrom your comfortable chair in your living room while you are watching TV or clicking through FB, know that there is pain in the world that is so deep, and the perpetrators are often evil yes, but some also are merely good servants to a message that has been so imbedded, they know of no other way, but in their hearts of hearts, they want to.

There are conscienceless beings that walk the earth indeed, they are the leaders of this harm. The leaders that create these cultures for only one purpose, often different than the one they claim, it is purely for power and control. And most often it is not really about their God, it is about using God to ignite guilt and fear to control the outcomes and gain the almighty power and control…and on a smaller world level, this is used in the same manner in some of our living rooms.

The world needs to be awakened to the TRUTH. And it is not religion, it is not power, it is not anything as tangible as this. It is oneness, and LOVE. Yes, Love is in fact the answer.

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