Posted by: dianaiannarone | October 21, 2015

Why Can’t I Receive the Love I Desire?

I cannot emphasize this enough. Every single person I help has a tape playing in their head as a result of what they heard and experienced from their parents/caretakers. In rare instances yes, other voices come into play, but none more than those that raised them, or should have. In some cases the words are horrifically abusive, in others, it is what they didn’t say, or how they reacted and responded.

I am convicted in this truth:

What we didn’t get in the form of love and nurturing from our mother (or female energy)…sends us on a quest to unloving people hoping to get them to love us. We allow the abuse and simply keep trying harder to get what we always wanted, nurturing love. This is about our BEING. Being means us being lovable simple because we exist. And until we wake up we will spend our lifetime in unhealthy relationships.

What we didn’t get in the form of validation for our DOINGS from our father (male energy) will cause us to need that validation from our partner and our job. If we don’t receive it, we will withdraw, feel unimportant and unfulfilled.

In the end, if we commit to heal our wounds, in relatively short order we will be clear on what we desire, deserve and need and we will obtain it.

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I want to thank the artist Jenna Rose (see information below the image) as this piece indeed captures reality precisely. Thank you for inspiring me to write this post by your image.

It is up to us to change the voice in our head by being the best most loving parent to ourselves. We need to give ourselves what we have never received from those who should have given it to us, our caretakers. Then, we will receive it in abundance from others. Keep in mind NO ONE can know precisely what you need but you, this is why you must give it to yourself, as even the most loving caretaker could not have fulfilled every need for they could not know what the needs were precisely~dri

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David Wolfe

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artist: Jenna Rose
A Gentle Touch Of Art – Jenna Simon

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