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Warriors Ignite


So the quote on the image may seem a little dramatic, but is it? Starting as children abuses are brought upon the innocents and it changes everything. This is not just about women, it is about mankind. The cruelty that exists is reinforced by fear running rampant and controlling us. Everywhere you look, every news station, every paper, implies that we are powerless against terror.

I believe that is a lie that we are told to almost hypnotize us into that belief…be afraid, be very afraid.

I believe the art of releasing the fear is to embrace the spirit of the warrior within all of us. For metaphoric purposes only I ask that you call upon an image that differentiates your vision of a soldier vs. a warrior.

Both are brave, but how do they differ?

I am not speaking of true war per se, I am speaking of life.

Most of my life I can honestly say I was a good soldier. I did as directed. I trusted those in authority. I believed I had to do what authority said and I did it with a vengeance. I wanted that validation from those in authority. I wanted them to recognize my efforts and praise my successes, and I would have and did violate my own principles to serve them. This is where everything goes wrong. Never should we violate ourselves for another. Never. But when were we taught to consider ourselves in the formula? Didn’t most of us grow up believing obedience was a measure of our goodness? This is the conditioning that can lead us into a literal hell if we allow it.

I violated myself without thought, in business, but more so in intimate relationships. I thought it was my job, in essence, to serve and protect the “man”…I made myself responsible for their happiness, and they were happy to affirm that false premise. I now unequivocally know that was all a lie I was taught to believe, and shattering those destructive beliefs, every morsel of them, is what made me grow into the warrior, the warrior we are all born to be. I put “man” in quotes as no honorable person would suggest you should violate yourself to please them. It was my misperceptions of myself and my worth that invited in such beings. Our conditioning draws it to us, and breaking that conditioning invites in better, more loving elements of being.  Always.

Societally speaking, weren’t we told the same thing? Aren’t soldiers frequently ordered to stand as directed for what someone defines is right whether it is in alignment with their view or not? And aren’t there consequences for not following that order? And aren’t we as a people expected to act like good little soldiers, standing as directed regardless of our view? Do we step back to assess our view? It is time we are left to our own belief of right and wrong, we must go deep within ourselves and determine what is right and then live by that truth…”Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.”~Ambrose Redmoon or Meg Cabot. Our true freedom is more important than fear.

As a soldier, we are vigilant, always looking over our shoulder for the attack, wondering where the next hit will come from, standing brave but perhaps with unrest, anxiety, discomfort. We dare not close our eyes.

As a warrior, we know. We have a calm and knowing presence. We understand that we need no direction from another, we know what to do. We can see what is dangerous simply through our intuition, or knowing. We feel it. It is within us. We have knowledge, wisdom, absolute knowing. We are not reactive. We respond, and we always respond with love, but can also respond with force when it is for the purpose of protection, protection of us, or another.  We do not use our power for the sole purpose of harm.

I believe the world is finally shifting, as it has before and it will again. The masculine energy, largely grounded in the ego has ruled the world for much of this time, and in that, the spirit of Love and the power of knowing and has been diminished almost to our complete destruction, and as we are on the brink of surpassing the limitations of the survival capacity in the world, the igniting of the female energy and intuition is coming to light. This force of wisdom and power can be impenetrable if there is enough unification in its message. We are one, we must stand as such…the earth, and all the life on it deserve our acknowledgement of this truth.

This message speaks not of gender, but of balance. We all have male and female energy, each of us without exception. We as a people, have allowed the female energy to be silenced and in conjunction with much instruction, the power of Love and compassion has been dwindled beyond recognition. Now, we are all saying no more, driving society to begin to demand that we stand in power, the greatest power of all…Love. And in standing in Love we consider others, but we also consider ourselves. We realize there is not dishonor in true justice.

We are beginning to reveal all that has been hidden in the shadows for too long by the ego…all the violations that happened behind closed doors, the deep violence in the home, the rape by those that are supposed to love us, the imprisonment  within our own lives and homes by those that are supposed to love us. Previously we were taught we cannot speak, we should not speak, for it is our job to protect the perpetrator from shame, so they told us.

All people, regardless of race or gender deserve to be held accountable for their actions. No one should escape true justice, and unless we are willing to let the warrior in us stand strong in the voice of truth the world is set for imminent destruction.

The truth, as they say, is what will set us free, and we are seeing it everywhere…everything that was hidden is coming into the light, because the warriors are not afraid to shine that light. The soldiers are becoming warriors and will not take direction if it doesn’t feel right, we are no longer going to blindly listen, to do purely what we are told regardless of our gut truth,…instead we are embracing our power and saying no more…to all destruction of the planet and of all living things on it.

The time has come. The energy of Love and the willingness to courageously stand against anything in opposition has come, and I believe we are ready…oppressors will feel the pain of our stance and be forced out of the darkness to stand in the light of their long overdue consequences.

All of us need to remember that we are the only authority and author in our life. That we should honor those around us, but NEVER do so if it violates our own principles, our own integrity, or if it in any way harms us. It is amazing how as a culture we have been taught to heed the direction of others rather than listening to ourselves. Within us, is all that we need. We know what is for the highest, greatest good, if only we slow down enough to access our knowing, and then ignite the courage within us to act upon it.

“Character: In the great scheme of things, what matters is not how long you live, but why you live; what you stand for; and what you are willing to die for.”

-Paul Watson

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  1. Beautiful and powerful, Diana. I’m sharing this with love on my social media sites…

    • Thank you for sharing my message and for your kind words of support! 🙂

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