Posted by: dianaiannarone | September 10, 2014

Why We are Here…

I love her and hadn’t heard this song, this touched me at the deepest part of my soul, the song and her words beneath it…I think she is speaking of what many of us feel in our heart and somehow, we have to join our energy so that the knowing of our soul can shift to a world of Love. Love of each other, not Love of Power, Greed and Control…

I know many of you stand with me in the awareness that people are not objects…yet society objectifies people every day. If individually more of us can awaken and join together to help people REMEMBER, we can live in the world we all want, but so far have been unable to attain because those “in charge” wish to manipulate and blind, using fear as their weapon. The fear that is being shown to us is an illusion to make us support the unthinkable thinking it is what we need for our survival. Behind those lies is a world that simply longs for Love.~dri

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