Posted by: dianaiannarone | August 8, 2014

Chaos May Very Well be the Beginning


I remember what it was like. I remember all the chaos in my life…me trying to fix everything, responding to all the pulls on those marionette strings. Me unaware that I was being played, that what I thought were their tears, was really their laughter, because they knew they were controlling me. That my devotion to another which I thought was love was nothing more than a game of control. When the chaos reached it is height, I collapsed into it. That would be the beginning of the peaceful life I deserved. I was now awake~dri

Excerpt Me and My Shadow~

“Once you wake up, it is as though you step back from the small portion of the mosaic that you have been looking at, and the seemingly chaotic and haphazard pieces come together to form a complete image. It happens in an instant. However, when you see the whole picture for the first time it is often terrifying, and too overwhelming to attempt to deal with the whole image at once. Gradually, you begin to see the structure of your chaos. Structure allows you to begin to trust yourself, thus overcoming your fear. All the wisdom that you had, but did not own, comes into view. The more of your wisdom that comes into view, the faster your fear begins to subside. Then suddenly, you are no longer overwhelmed by the whole image, you know how to get to your freedom, step by step, piece by piece, you are aware.”

Copyright © 2014 by Diana Iannarone

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